Student Association

Vision and Objectives

Student Associations of KCT Business School Student Association is an integral part of KCT.BS campus life: they represent students and provide services which enhance campus life. When students become involved in non-academic interests at KCT.BS they develop a network of friends besides broadening their outlook to life. The SA work towards making an impact on all the stakeholders of KCT.BS through the students.


To become a student hive for engaged and active campus life


Learning, Trust, Competence


  • Enhance the engagement of the students in the KCT Business School activities and develop their managerial and entrepreneurial skills for holistic development
  • Promote active interaction between the staff and students by supporting them in various initiatives.
  • Build partnerships and alliances with the industry professionals
  • Foster lifelong relationship and friendship with alumni for mutual benefits
  • Associate with the parents and disseminate information about all the events taking place in the campus
  • Provide outreach opportunities that contribute to student learning and benefit the local and campus communities.