Our Scope IP

KCT’s vision for Internationalization is to nurture globally competent students, generates internationally recognized research and creative activities that address significant global issues, and fosters engagements that connect us with the world.

In pursuing this vision, we will:

  1. Articulate the commitment to Internationalization and sensitize the stakeholders about its significance and develop a clear road map for implementation
  2. create appropriate administrative and reporting structures form an essential framework for implementing internationalization
  3. Develop internationalized curriculum and co-curriculum that ensures all students are exposed to international perspectives and build global competence
  4. Establish Institutional policies and support mechanisms for faculty to have opportunities to develop international competence and are able to maximize the impact of these experiences on student learning.
  5. Enhance Student mobility, which refers both to the outward flow of domestic students to other countries to engage in an education abroad experience and the inward flow of international students to study at KCT Campus
  6. Support the students and faculty for further education in global universities
  7. Establishing strategic partnerships for research and Institutional development

Our Collaborations