Knowledge hive for managerial excellence

KCT Business School was born out of a rich legacy, strong vision and great commitment. The magnificent campus and the edifice, enormous reputation, robust academics and more are all the manifestation of the hard work of the Founding Fathers and the commitment of the faculty and staff.

KCT BS today is described as a progressive and open institution that interweaves teaching, research and extension. It is one of the most distinguished institutions of higher education in the state, continually striving to fulfill the aspirations of its stakeholders. It has been consistently ranked very high in the Business School surveys and is a sought after Institution by the prospective students and recruiters.

Every stakeholder dealing with KCT BS will associate us the values of Learning, Trust and Competence. We constantly remind ourselves and live by our non-negotiable values that we will demonstrate in good as well as in difficult times. The KCT BS values will define our DNA and will be our compass for decisions and behaviour of our faculty, staff and students while dealing with each other and every one of our stakeholders

The Vision 2020 of KCT Business School Focuses on Six Strategic Imperatives

We promote a responsive, challenging and supportive academic ecosystem characterized by high standards, commitment to quality and student success. Our MBA program is interwoven with knowledge and several managerial competency enhancement initiatives and makes it a unique, intellectually stimulating place for students. Our PhD program ensures that the outcomes of the research benefit the industry and society rather than a mere academic exercise.
We recruit, enhance, and retain faculty who are outstanding scholars and faculty; and foster an exciting intellectual environment. We create collaborative, team-oriented units or work settings in which faculty explicitly share responsibility for outcomes, have complementary skills, and have the capacity (talents) to substitute for each other.
We understand, engage and transform the lives of the students by mentoring them to achieve their personal vision. We extend our support in career development and placement services and also nurture the students with entrepreneurial aspirations through an active entrepreneurship development cell to build the needed knowledge and skill.
Our beautiful campus and state of the art academic space inspires the students and faculty a zest for learning and growth. We continue to Invest strategically in a sustainable campus providing a blend of specialised, collaborative and flexible space for all our core activities, designed to meet the changing needs and expectations of staff, students and visitors.
We are developing stronger engagement with the alumni, industry, professional bodies and academic institutions for mutual development and impact. Collaborations both nationally and globally, keep the business school fresh with ideas and an active “beehive” of knowledge. We continue to actively seek partners for mutual benefit and growth.
We make meaningful contributions to local community through formal and sustained extension programs. We provide access to innovative and relevant educational programs, research and information resources within KCT BS to meet the broad range of current and future needs of individuals, businesses and local communities
With all these initiatives, I am confident that we are on a path to thriving as an innovative institution of higher education. I am excited to continue to work with all of you so that, together, we can keep building a culture of learning, trust and competence that promotes student success and prepares students for their professional, community, social, and personal lives.

Best wishes
KCT Business School