Board Members

Board Members


Executive Committee members

  • President –Mr. Kabilan Chakravarthy S V
  • Vice President – Mr. Gowtham
  • Secretary– Mr. Vivek
  • Treasurer – Mr. Anand


The President is responsible for communicating the KCT.BS -AA mission, strategic goals, and committee objectives to members of the KCT.BS -AA Board of Directors and other alumni volunteers, staff, administration, faculty, and students as well as inspiring and motivating alumni to understand the benefits of involvement with the KCT.BS –AA.

The President presides over all meetings of the board of directors. The President directs the duties of the other officers and chairs the Executive Committee and serves as a voting member of the Nominating Committee.

Vice President
The Vice President performs duties assigned by the President. Vice Presidents serve as chairs for KCT.BS –AA board committees. KCT.BS –AA board committees are to be determined and established by the President and the members of the Executive Committee. The President can designate a Vice President to preside and perform the duties of the President if he or she is absent. Vice Presidents sit on the Executive Committee of the KCT.BS –AA board. Vice Presidents are elected by the board for two-year term.

The Secretary is responsible for recording all minutes of the board of directors, the Executive Committee, and requires minutes to be recorded of all committees of the board.

Is responsible for reporting on the status of all funds of the association on a regular basis to the board of directors. The Treasurer will develop a budget for the upcoming fiscal year including requests for future funding requirements.

Position Name Organization Working Contact Number Email Id
President Mr. Kabilan Chakravarthy S V Greeno Tech Solution 9790615754 [email protected]
Vice President Mr. Gowtham Revature 9789739432 [email protected]
Secretary Mr. Vivek ARTVG 9677411224 [email protected]
Treasurer Mr.Anand KCT 9500355222 [email protected]