Program Structure

Program Structure

KCTBS curriculum is periodically revised and restructured to meet the needs of ever-changing business environment. Experienced professionals from the Industry and Academia take part in this exercise of restructuring. Case Analysis and Discussions, Role plays, Short seminars, Student presentations, Group discussions, Guest lectures, Professional Skill development Workshops, Business Simulation games, Industrial Visits are organized to give the practical perspective on business practices.


Based on KCT Business School Vision and Mission, along with MBA Program Educational Objectives and Program Objectives, the structure and curriculum were designed to align Choice Based Credit system (CBCS) suggested by UGC. The faculty team was formed into working groups based on concentrations/ specializations.

The benchmarking with identified global, national and regional MBA programs through their websites was done between March – April, 2014. New structures, ideas and courses were presented to the Curriculum Redesign Steering Committee and discussed at length with each centre.

The gaps between the benchmarked Instituions and the existing curriculum were identified during May – June, 2014.

The program structure has Semester system which was designed based on the UGC’s suggestion of CBCS and the courses were determined based on distribution of credits among the various types of courses vis-à-vis total credits. Several discussions were held to seek suggestions from stakeholders during July – December, 2014.

During January – April, 2015, based on the courses identified, the detailed course content was developed depending on credits assigned. The instructional hours in the form of Lecture –Tutoriral – Practical (LPT) hours for the course as suggested by CBCS were adhered and the reference books were recommended. Feedbacks on the course content were obtained from the Industry and Academic Mentors of each center between May and June, 2015. Several concentration wise workshops and discussions were held during this period to discuss further on Pedagogy and Assessment processes Curriculum Redesign Steering Committee gave the final consent on 7th July, 2015 to place the new Regulation 2015 to the Board of Studies for approval.

The structure, curriculum and assessments were presented for approval to the Board of studies and then presented to Academic Council on July 25, 2015.

Regulation and Curriculum 2015

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