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The Operations forum activities for students of Batch 2014-16 was conducted on November 3, 6 & 11, 2014. This session enables the students to learn the basics of Operations Management. There were two activities, one on Assembly Line and another on Business Case Analysis

Assembly Line Activity

The students were split into teams comprising of 7 per team. Students had to forecast the demand and accordingly they have to manufacture the cups. They had to fix a price for the cups that they were to manufacture. Raw materials must be selected carefully according to the requirements and inspected, then assemble them and check for the required quality within the specified time. Assembling the cup activity helped the students to understand the principles of product design, the process and the complexities involved in assembling a product. It also helped them to plan and execute the assigned task within the given time limit.

Business Case Analysis

The next activity was on the supply chain case analysis of Kellogg’s and jumble word puzzle on technical terms in operations management. Students were given live case studies on Kellog’s Supply Chain Management. The case dealt with all the basic concepts of supply chain and the various strategies that were followed by the company. After which, a crossword was given. It had to be solved using the basic concepts that were highlighted in the case. The Forum activity was coordinated by Mr. R. Vinayagasundaram, Associate Professor, KCTBS and Student co-ordinator: Mr. S. Sabarison, Operations forum Executive.

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