Dr. V.R.Nedunchezhilian

Name: Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian
Designation: Professor
E-Mail ID: [email protected]


Degree  College /University/Board  Area  Year 
Ph.D  Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore  Finance  1992 
MBA  Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore  Finance  1996 
M.Com  PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore  Accounting  1985 
B.Com  Annamalai University , Chidambaram  Accounting  1983 


  1. center head finance
  2. specilization coordinator
  3. NBA coordinator
  4. NAAC coordinator


Recognized guide for the  5 Universities Like


  • Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
  • Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamilnadu
  • Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu
  • Annamalai University, Chidhambaram, Tamilnadu
  • IGNOU, New Delhi


No: of students awarded Ph.D under my Guidance 23
No of Scholars  being guided 5
No: of M.Phil awarded under my Guidance 60

Contributions in Journals(National & International)

  • Dr. V.R.Nedunchezhian and V Kannan (2004), “Business And Sustainable Development”, ACCST Research journal (ISSN NoǤ0971-7779), April 2004 Vol II (2). April 2004.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and Kannan (2005), “Achieving Competitive advantage under the post quota regime with reference to Indian Cotton textile sector” SRM MANGEMENT DIGEST ,April 2005, Vol 3G.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and Kannan (2006), “A Comparative performance of Private Mutual Fund”, Indian Economic Panorama, ( RNI 55727191) , Oct 2005, Vol 15 (3).
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and Kannan (2006), “Commodity Future Market Trend with preference to NCDEX and NMCE” , Economic Challenger, ( RNI 0-869 / 98) , Oct 2006, Issue 33
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian (2007), “Competitive profiling and mapping of organizational Development”, HRD News Letter,(APENG/2000/1392), Feb 2007.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and S. Sudhakar (2007),“Performance Management System”, HRD News Letter, (APENG/2000/1392), April 2007, Vol 23 Issue1.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian (2007), “Harmonization of International Accounting Standards, Benefits and Problems” Global Management Review, May 2007, Volume I, Issue 3.
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian and S.Sudhakar (2007), “Leadership in Action , not position”, HRD News Letter (APENG/ 2000/1392 ), Sep 2007, Vol 23 , Issue 6Ǥ 9. Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhain (2008), “Corporate Social Responsibilities”,HRD News Letter ) ISSN No -0974-1720), March 2008,Volume 23, Issue 12.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and N.Sivasankaran (2009) ,”Assessing the Performance of the Stakeholders of Microfinance Programms” The Icfian Journal of Management Research, (RNI No.APENG/2001/3409), Jan 2009, Vol VIII, No 1.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and N.Sivasankaran (2009), “A comparative study on the Performance of Indian and Bangladeshi NGO – MFIs Listed with Diamond profile in the Mix, Srusti Management Review, Jan – June 2009, vol2 Issue I.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and N.Sivasankaran(2010) , omparative Performance of India NGO MFI and Bangladeshi MFI”, JK Journal f Management Technology, May-June 2010, Vol II Issue I.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and A.Elgin (2010), “An Empirical Study into the effects of service quality in the perception of Domestic Airlines in India”, International Journal of Business and Engineering research ,ISSN – 0975- 0479),October 2010 ,volume 3.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and Sathish Kumar(2010),”The positive impact of financial crisis in Indian Economy”, Journal of Business Solutions ( An International biannual Publication ) December 2010 ( ISSN – 0974-4126)
  • Vinayagasundaram and Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian(2012), “Application of Modern Technology in Foundries and its Impact on Productivity and Profitability” in European Journal of Social Sciences (No.2 & Vol 29 – ISSN 1450-2267)
  • DR.V.R.Nedunchezhian and A.Elgin (2011),”The Effects of Service Quality on the Perceptions of Domestic Airline imagesǤ Evidence from South India” International Journal of retailing and Marketing. Vol2,No.2,July 2011,ISSN: 0976-318X
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and Dr.S.Aravinth(2012) , “Perspective and prospects faced by women entrepreneur in Indian Industry”, Indo Asian journal Of Advanced Management.Vol1,issue 1 ,Jan-June 2012 ,ISSN 2250 -1266
  • Sivaram and Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian (2012)- “Global Business Opportunities and Threats for Indian BPO industry”- National conference on Looming Opportunities & Threats – 2013 ISBN 978-93-82338-19-2 / c ,2012- Bonfring Publishers.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and Mrs.K.S.Nemavathi (2012) “A Study on Credit Appraisal System in India with special reference to South Indian Bank” in the proceedings of the ‘National Conference on Emerging Trends in Management towards Sustainable Development’ held during September 12-13, 2012 by Vel Tech Technical University, Chennai -Allied Publishers Private Limited -ISBN: 978-81-8424-794-7.
  • K.S.Nemavathii and DR.V.R.Nedunchezhian(2012), “A Study on Technical analysis with special reference to Cement sector”, International Journal of Software and web Sciences, IJSWS12-207.2012,ISSN 2279-0063.
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and R.Karthikeyan(2013) ”Market Dynamics in Indian Poultry Industry”, Research journal of Social Science and Management ,ISSN 2251-1571.RJSSM volume; 02-No.09,Jan 2013
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and R.Karthikeyan(2013);”Vertical integration paviwayto organize Retailing in Indian poultry Industry”, International journalofbusinessand Management inventions, ISSN – 2319-801X, volc2 Issue 1 / Jan 2013 / pp: 39.
  • Dr. V. R. Nedunchezhian, Ms. K. Premalatha(2013) “Analysis and Impact of Financial performance of Commercial Banks after Merger In India”“International journal of Marketing, Financial Services and Management Research” ISSN 2277-3622, Vol. 2, No.3, March (2013).
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian.V.R & Premalatha K(2013)published a paper title” “Analysis of Pre and post merger performance of selected commercial banks- an application of DEA”in Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol-3, Issue: 7, July 2013,ISSN-2249-555X
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian V R & Premalatha K(2013)published a paper title” Analysis on Impact of mergers in Indian banking sector”in International conference proceedings of “Global business opportunities and challenges”, at PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. First edition 2013, Chapter 9, ISBN 978-81-8429-106-
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian V R & Nemavathy K S(2013)published a paper title” A study on Impact of price behaviour of commodity Gold and gold ETF”in International Journal of Scientific Research, August 2013, Vol 2, Issue 8, ISSN No 2277-8179, Impact factor 0.3317
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Nemavathy K S(2013)published a paper title “A study on Performance of Opening Week and Closing Week of selectedbanking securities”in International Journal of Scientific Research, July 2013,Vol 3,Issue 7, ISSN 2249-555X, Impact Factor 0.8215
  • Dr .V.R.Nedunchezhian V R &Dr.Hemanalini (2013)published a paper title“A parallel economy paralyzing the growth – An analytical approach in counterfeit products” in International Journal of Scientific Research, October 2013, Vol 2, Issue 10, ISSN No 2277-8179
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Karthikeyan R(2013)published a paper title “An Analysis of Price Trends and its Behavioral pattern of the Indian Poultry Market with reference to Eggs” in Academic Journal , January 2014,Vol 9(1),pp 8-13,2, ISSN [email protected](Anna University Annexure II)
  • Dr Nedunchezhian V R & Hemalatha K(2014)published a paper title Analysis of On Balance Volume in MCX Energy” in Journal of Applied Management Research – ISSN:2319-1228 Vol3,Issue1,January 2014
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Swamy (2014) published a paper titled Factors Influencing Super market choice” European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences with ISSN 1450-2275; Issue 62; January, 2014.
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Hemalatha K(2014)published a paper title “Testing the Weak-Sciences & Research Technology IJERST 3(3), March, 2014.
  • Dr.V.R..Nedunchezhian and Selvaraju K published a paper titled Work Deviance of IT sector and Non IT sector- A comparative Analysis in Indian Journal of Applied Research with ISSN -2449-555x,Vol,4,Issue-9,September 2014
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Hemalatha K(2014)published a paper titled Testing on weak form efficiency & volatility of FMCG Sector: The evidence from National Stock Exchange in International journal on recent and innovation Trends in computing and communication with ISSN – 2321-B169,vol 2,Issue- 9,SDeptember 2014.
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Premalatha K(2013)published a paper titled Analysis of performance efficiency os Selected public sector banks in India through intermediation approach in international journal of current research,vol-6,issue-11,pp 10363-10367,Issn:0975-833X November 2014
  • Dr. V. R Nedunchezhian & Hemalatha K (2015), published a paper titled ” An Analysis of Weak Form Efficiency in Sectoral Indices: A h a Special Reference to National Stock Exchange in India” in Indian Journal Of Applied Research ISSN 2249-555X- VOl.5 Issue 3 , March 2015, page 197-200
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian V R & Nemavathy K S(2015)published a paper titled A comparative Study of Intraday and Intra-day volatility using Nifty in international journal 38.Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian VR and Hemalatha K (2015) published a paper titled An analysis on weak form efficiency of CNX IT – The special evidence from national stock exchange in SS international journal of Business and
  • management research – volume 5 – Issue 3 , May 2015 – pp : 12 – 20 ; ISSN -2231-4970
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian VR and Sivaram Duraisamy (2015) published a paper titled A study on the impact of GDP per Capital on Global competitiveness Index in international journal of Engineering and Management Research -volume 5 – issue 5,May 2015 – pp 1-14, on-line ISSN -2249- 2585 , print ISSN 2249 – 8672 Index Copernicus value of journal 5.86
  • Dr.V.R. Nedunchezhian and Hemalatha K (2015) published a paper titled “An Analysis of Weak form Efficiency in Sectoral Indices: A study with reference to National Stock Exchange” in Global Journal for Research analysis.Vol:4,Issue:7,July2015,pg41-44,ISSN:2277-8160. Impact factor-3.1218
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian and A.Thirunavukkarasu Research Scholar presented a research paper titled “Yield Management -Profitability in Indian Airlines Industry -Does cost based pricing lost its relevance?”at the International Conference on Financial Markets and Corporate Finance organized by Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Management Studies, Chennai on 12-13th August,2016
  • Dr. VR Nedunchezhian and Thirunavukkarasu A(2016) published a paper titled “ An Analysis of Bucketing System in Indian Domestic Air Travel Market “in Asian journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. Vol 6, No 6, June 2016, pp 427-439, ISSN 2249-7315, DOI No.10.5958/2249-7315.2016.00220.3
  • Dr. VR Nedunchezhian and Hemalatha K (2016) published a paper titled “ An Analysis of Weak-Form Efficiency in Realty Sector: A Study with a special Reference to National Stock Exchange“ in International Educational Scientific Research Journal Vol 2, No 6, June 2016, , E-ISSN 2455-295X
  • Dr. VR Nedunchezhian and Premalatha K(2016) published a paper titled“Analysis of Performance Efficiency of selected Indian Public Sector Banks to Achieve the Target Efficiency”in Asian journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. Vol 6, No 6, June 2016, pp 547-557, ISSN 2249-7315, DOI No.10.5958/2249-7315.2016.00229.X
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian nad Mr.Thirunavukkarasu has published an article titled validation of airline service quality scale: evidence from Indian and European passengers   in the ABDC  listed journal ,  Academy of Marketing Studies Journal Volume 22, Issue 1, 2018 1 1528-2678-22-1-128 
  • Dr. Nedunchezhian,V, R, . &Thirunavukkarasu, A,. (2018). Second order Service Quality –Impact on Customer Satisfaction in Airlines.Compendium of Conference Proceeding -13th SGMC, pp-153-157, ISBN: 978-93-81715-14-7
  • Dr.V.R.Nedunchezhian& Sakthia.P. (2019),Stock market integration with respect to Selected stock exchanges in the world, The journal of Indian Management,ISSN:2249-7803,voluime 9,issue 2,page no 31-40,April-June 2019.
  • V.R.Nedunchezhian and Mr.Suresh babu , research scholar, published an article titled Factors influencing customers buying decisions towards shopping online and offline with reference to coimbatore city , Acadamy of Marketing studies journal, ABDC, volume 24, issue 1,2020,1528-2678-24-266,
  • V.R.Nedunchezhian and MR.Sursh babu, published an article titled Digital distractions scaling up with Technology, International journal of management,, volume 11,issue 09, September 2020,pp 841-846,scopus indexed journal,, DOI : 1034218/IJM 11.9.2020.078
  • V.R.Nedunchezhian, N.Elamaran,and P.K.Suresh kumar published an article titled Perception of Employees towards TPM implementation in Foundry Industry with reference to coimbatore District, International journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences, ISSN 2581 –6012,Vol.5.No2,September, 2020.

Chapter in Edited Book:

  • Investment Management in Tamil
  • Financial Management in Tamil
  • Investment Management in English

Papers Presented in International & National Conferences:

S.No. Date Title of the Paper  International Conference
1 Feb 6 to 7, 2004  “HRM practice

of Developing Countries for Global business”

Emerging trends in global business challenges and opportunities for developing countries, PR Institute of Management.
2 Dec 28 to 31, 2008  “Measuring the performance of Indian MFI listed with 5 diamond profile in the Mix” Modern and Ancient Management directory for future of management thought, Sixth AIMS International Conference on Management, IIM, Bangalore
3 Jan 21, 2009  “Empowerment of Society through Micro – finance” International conference on Micro Finance, Pondicherry University,
4 December 10 to 11, 2009 “Competency Mapping,  an  Analytical  approach” International conference on Innovative Strategies for Value creation and management, RV Institute of Management, Bangalore
5 Nov 19 to 21,2009 “Changes Impending the

Software Testing Industry”

International Conference on Emergent Business Models and Strategies for the Knowledge Economy, IBA ,Bangalore,
6 Sep 24 to 26,2009 “Strategic  planning  to  triumph  over barriers in Economic Development “ International Conference on Managing Global challenges and challenges Nehru Institute of Management,
7 Nov,4 & 5, 2009 Corporate Governance and Leadership” International conference on Marketing in
Asia  Pacific  issues  and  challenges,  at  Dr.GRD  college  of  Science
8 Nov 4&5,2009 ‘Aviation in India – great   opportunities   and   challenges: International conference on Marketing in Asia Pacific issues and challenges at
Dr.GRD college of Science
9 Nov 4&5, 2009 Determinants of  consumer Evaluation of Bran extensions International conference on Marketing in Asia Pacific issues and challenges at
Dr.GRD college of Science
10 Nov 4&5,2009 Corporate plan: An  analytical approach” International conference on Marketing in Asia Pacific issues and challenges at
Dr.GRD college of Science
11 Jan 1-4, 2009 Empirical Study on problem and Prospects of Poultry in TamilNadu Eighth AIMS international Conference,IIM Ahadamabad
12 29th Oct, 2009 Application of Modern Technology  in foundries and its impact on productivity and profitability Mahindra Engineering College, Salem.
13 09.12.2011 Management information system and its impact on competitiveness. RV Institute of Management, Bangalore
14. 12-13.08-2017 Yield management-profitability in the Indian Airlines Industry  

Indian Institute of Technology,Madras.

15. 20-21.11-2017 Customer satisfaction in Airlines Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
16 21-23.09-2017 Yield management Sona school of Management,Salem
17. 15-16.02.2018 Second order quality-impact on customer satisfaction in Airlines KJ Somaiah Institute of Management Studies & Research,Mumbai
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