Name: Dr.P.Nalini
Designation: Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator
E-Mail ID: [email protected]

BBM., MBA., MMM.,M.Phil., FDPM- IIM -Indore, Ph.D.
Responsibilities: Program coordinator for MBA-IEV & Technology Management Programs, I Industry collaboration lead for SEA and KC.IRI, Strategic Planning and execution of program management from Forge Academy – A technology business incubator of Kumaraguru College of Technology
Research Focus Area/s: Behavioral studies, Digital Marketing, Talent Management, Social and Environmental studies, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Supply chain and logistics, corporate strategies and emerging management studies
National & International Journals:

  1. Nalini Palaniswamy Study on Students’ Perception Towards Technology-Enabled Learning During Lockdown Periods, Sambodhi Journal with ISSN: 2249-6661 UGC Care Approved, Peer Reviewed and Referred Journal, published in Vol 43 No. 3, July – September 2020
  2. Jaisankar, S., Nalini P., &; Krishna Rubigha, Investigation on the Key Performance Indicators on Re-Categorization of Khadi Institutions: A Literature Review, Journal of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda ISSN : 0025-0422, Volume-54, No.2 (IX) 2020
  3. Jaisankar, S., Nalini P., & Krishna Rubigha. (2020) A Study on IOT-bases low cost smart kit on Coconut Farm Management. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on I-
    SMAC (IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) (I-SMAC) p162-167. DVD Part Number:
    CFP20OSV-DVD; ISBN: 978-1-7281-5463-3,2020
  4. Nalini Palaniswamy , Muruganandam Duraiswamy “Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Business Challenges and operational issues of Textile Owners in Textile Market A Qualitative Study in IOSR Journal of Business and Management Volume No 20, Issue No. : 9, pg no -38-44 Article DOI : 10.9790/487X-2009063844
  5. Nalini Palaniswamy , Muruganandam Duraiswamy “Anatomy of a Textile Cluster – Problems and Prospects of Textile Business Owner with Respect to Business Expansion and Operations International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, Volume-8, Issue-4, August 2018,pg No: 202-207 DOI: doi.org/10.31033/ijemr.v8i4.13242
  6. P.Nalini Vaishnavi, R, “An Empirical Investigation On Retailer Satisfaction And Expectations Towards An Fmcg Company’s Trade Servicing” International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences, International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences Volume 7 No. 8 2018, 2581- 2583
  7. Nalini, S.Jaisankar, P.Devaki, Awareness, Application And Performance Commerce Marketplace, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Volume 119 No. 17 2018, 2193-2207
  8. Dr.P.Nalini,Dr.R.Gokilavani,Dr.J.Cynthia,” Beautification: A Empirical Study on Market Segments And Target Groups” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 119 No. 17 2018, 2209-2217
  9. Gauthami.S, P.Nalini, B,Karunamoorthy,” Brand equity – A measuring tool for customer expectations and satisfaction on banking services, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 119 No. 17 2018, 2219-2228
  10. Manikandan C, Nalini P, Rajalakshmi, “A Study on Customers Perception Towards Location Based Marketing”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Volume 119 No. 17 2018, 2229-2244
  11. V.VijayaPrabha, S. Neelavathy, P. Nalini, A study on essence of tradition lost in the name of fashion among college Students, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Volume 119 No. 17 20182245-2251
  12. Nalini Palaniswamy, Subhashree sundarraj, Understanding the preference and course experience of online management course among Gen Y students, Journal of contemporary research in management, vol 12, no1, Jan- march 2017
  13. Vinothini, Vishnu Chakravarthy, Nalini Palaniswamy Consumer Preference on Energy Management Schemes in the Smart City Proposal with Special Reference to the Coimbatore City, IOSR Journal for scientific research, special edition, Volume 2,2017
  14. P. Nalini and R. Gokilavani, (2017), E -Marketplace and SMEs Business Operations –Will It Pay Way for Operational Efficiency? Journal of Applied Management Research-Volume 5, Issue No.2 pp:35-40
  15. Nalini Palaniswamy, Social Media Marketing (SMM) – A Strategic Tool For Developing Business For Tourism Companies, Asian journal of research in social science and humanities,Vol.6,No5,May 2016.
  16. Nalini Palaniswamy, Muruganandam Duraiswamy “Students Attitude and Preference on Marketing Strategies of Business Schools” in International Journal of Exclusive Management Research ,Pages 216-222,Online:ISSN 2249-2585,Print:ISSN 22498672,Special Issue-April 2015. Impact factor-5.76
  17. Nalini Palaniswamy, Muruganandam Duraiswamy Customer’s Intentional Value on Environmental Influential Factors and Their Personal Orientation towards Urgency of Rectification –An Empirical investigation in European journal of social sciences (EJSS) ISSN no: 1450 2267 with an Impact factor of 0.436, Vol. 37 No. 4 March 2013.
  18. Nalini Palaniswamy, Muruganandam Duraiswamy Exploring the Environmental Knowledge of Urban and Rural Consumers and Its Impact on Green Purchase Behavior” in the Life Science Journal ISSN no: 10978135 with an impact factor of 0.073. Vol.10, No.1 March 2013. life1001
  19. Nalini palaniswamy, Muruganandam Duraiswamy Consumer satisfaction towards the charges and services of third party logistics services for international trade –An empirical study was published in International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management Vol.3, No.5, May 2013.
  20. Nalini Palaniswamy, , Green Marketing; Perceptible trend in sustainable marketing era Shodh Anusandhan Samachar, Vol. 3, No. 11, Dec 2012, PP 18-30, ISSN NO. 2230-8822

Chapter in Edited Book:

  1. Chapter publication in Managing Business in Vuca world: cases and experiences Published by Excel publication ISBN 978-93-86724-02-1, 2017.
  2. Chapter publication in the book titled Management skills for successful Agri entrepreneurs published by New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi in April 2019
  3. Nalini (2016) SPA therapy and Management for Diploma in Beauty Care for Periyar Institute of Distance Education (PRIDE)
  4. Nalini Palaniswamy, D.Muruganadham (2016) Consumer Awareness On environmental issues and its impact on green purchase (Starting the Green Journey from your End) Deutschland, Germany

Papers Presented in National & International Conferences:

  1. Presented paper entitled “A Predictive Model on Impact of Merchandising on Consumer Buying Behavior with Special Reference to Food category in FMCG in the Indian Academy of Management (INDAM) Conference organized by IIM Trichy from Jan 2nd to 4th 2020.
  2. Presented the case study titled E-marketplace and SMEs Business presentation will it pay way for operational efficiency in sixth national conference on case studies organized by institute of Management Christ university, Bangalore.
  3. A Study on the factors influencing the adoption of cloud computing with special reference to selected Industrial clusters. at 20th Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM-2017) on Contemporary Marketing: Concept Practice and Method at Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad from Jan 05-07 ,2017.
  4. Case study titled” Patanjali-The Marketing Sutra’s” at ICBM School of Business Excellence, Hyderabad, The program was Partnered by IIMP and supported by AMDISA held on December 17,2016.
  5. Paper entitled “Identifying Public Adaptability Towards Enhanced Urban Mobility In Coimbatore City” was presented at National conference on smart cities: A mission to transform the nation organized by Kodaikanal Christian college, Kodaikanal on Sept 7 2016
  6. Presented paper on Consumer preference on energy Management Scheme in Smart city in the International conference on Services Marketing-Taking Show Abroad in PKR Arts college, Gobi held on 19th August 2016
  7. “Moodle as an Education Enabler Model For 21st Century Students” was published in the National Conference on Emerging Education Models for 21st Century Learner (NCEEM 2015) NCEEM – 2015 conference held on 10 July 2015 by the “Association of Principals of Colleges of Bharathiar University”
  8. Paper entitled Paper entitled Social Media Marketing (SMM) – A Strategic Tool For Developing Business For Tourism Companies was was accepted and published in ICRBS 2015 held on 4th to 6th December at IIT Roorkee, Greater Noida Extension Cente
  9. Paper entitled the “Awareness of students on environmental issues and its impact on green products purchase behavior” was presented in International conference on Evidence Based Management (ICEBM) at BITS Pilani on 20&21st march 2015.
  10. Paper entitled Work – Life Balance of Women in Dual-Career Families with Special Reference to Coimbatore District was presented in National Conference on Women Entrepreneurship through Science and Technology in Kongu Engineering College on 8th March 2013.
  11. Paper entitled “Green Entrepreneurship – An Empirical Investigation on Growing Need for Green Products and Services” was presented in Tenth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship held at EDII Ahmadabad from February 20-22, 2013
  12. Presented a research paper entitled “The Impact of Environmental Issues on Consumer Behavior: Measuring the Consumer Attitude on Environmentalism and Predicting the Behavioral Intention to purchase Green products” at 5th IIM Ahmadabad Doctoral Colloquium on 7th and 8th Jan 2012
  13. Presented a paper entitled “Attitude of young consumers towards Green Marketing-A Descriptive study” in the conference on Excellence in research and education at IIM-Indore from May 13-16,2011.
  14. Presented a research paper entitled “strategies for customer satisfaction in two wheeler retail trade ” at National research conference at AIMA (All India Management Association ) on 12th and 13th of Jan 2011 at New Delhi
  15. Presented a research paper on “Strategically Green-A New Vision for Marketing” in 4th IIMA conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies held at IIM Ahmadabad from January 5-7, 2011.
  16. Presented a paper on “Green Marketing: A perceptible Trend in sustainable marketing Era” at Annamalai University from 28th to 30th July 2010.
  17. Presented paper on challenges and opportunities for green retailing” at Birla institute of technology, Noida campus, New Delhi on February 2010.
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